UI-RA-LA – The ancient world of the Boat People

When the Ice Age retreated the glaciers that covered half of North America and Eurasia, melted and flooded the lands underneath. “Uirala” refers to the flooded lands, and the conversion of former reindeer peoples moving around on foot, to boat peoples moving around in the flooded lands. These projects bring forward accumulated information from archeology, climatology, geography, etc. with a specific focus on the development of the boat-oriented way of life that began south of the glaciers, and then spread around the northern world

The world of science is inspired to dig up data that contains information about the past, and had become good at it, but interpreting the information is another thing, that requires a mind that can see all the possibilities and find the most probable one.

The discoveries made by science have by now overtaken the rate at which thinkers can bring together all the accumulated information, and draw a picture of what happened in the past. Scientists are specialized and narrowly focussed. They can describe in detail differences in stone tools between two peoples, but are not able or else interested in telescoping out and looking at the large picture.

The following pages are the result of my investigation of what science has found, but looking at it from space, to get an overview of what happened in the human past, mainly in Europe. I however am oriented to the lands and peoples who occupied the lands released from under the Ice Age glaciers.

Archeology has always suggested the obvious – as the climate warmed after the Ice Age, culture expanded out of Europe into the east. Now the new genetic studies also suggest that Finno-Ugric speaking peoples are basically Europeans. Thus it is only now that Finno-Ugric languages and traditions are being considered in terms of the history of Europe. It is now easier to accept that the Finno-Ugric languages originate from the original boat-oriented hunter-fisher peoples of northern Europe. But many are unable to grasp the nature of these people. 

Thus the plain fact that farming cultures displace native hunter-fisher-gatherers from south to north, and from fertile higher lands to poor acid marshlands, leads to the conclusions that it is possible that indeed the ancestral language of the Finnic peoples was the original language of continental Europe. 

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